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Single Bungee Trampoline



            Single bungee trampoline model In addition to being resistant to weather conditions, it is easy to install in both installation stage and dismantling stage with its light but robust structure. Outline 100x5 mm aluminum pipes Specially cnc machines are clamped together by means of the shaped cnc machine tools.

  1. Aluminum Pipe: 100 x 5 mm and 80 x 5 mm

  2. Jumping Area: 300x300 cm custom trampoline

  3. Steel Rope Flags: Mesh perforated air permeable tarpaulin digital printing

  4. Tires: Imported serum tire 1: 5 elongation rate, domestic knitted tire has a ratio of 1: 3.5 elongation.

  5. Ropes and Reels: Special fiber rope and special roller reels.


PALLETS: The poles forming the main body are made of steel material. These materials forming the body are manufactured as static paint, galvanized and aluminum. It is resistant to use in open areas, UV rays, rain and moisture. Depending on the demand, salto trampolines are manufactured in desired dimensions. Galvanized salto consists of 80x2.5 mm steel pipes and aluminum Salto 100x5 mm aluminum pipes.

DIRECT APPARATUS: Provides combinations of parts forming the main body.
CNC joining equipments (imported vers.): These parts are machined by CNC and welded to the main body by welding or welding machines without welding.
Laser Combination equipment welded: Laser-cut joining equipments are welded together.

BUNGEE TRAMPOLINES: Round trampolines used 310 cm in diameter, transport, fragmentation and storage is easy to use when necessary. The trampoline body can be produced as galvanized if desired.
IMPORTED JUMPING MAT: Made of imported fabric. Flame does not walk. Eye range is 1-2 mm. Resistant to sunlight and rain.
SPRING: It is made of steel wire with 3-3,2 mm thickness. It is subjected to heat treatment after wire winding. Galvanized coating is made to extend the life of the wire.

TIRES: Our tires are textile braided.
10-12 LOCAL TIRE: Textile braided domestic rubber is used and extends 1 to 3.5.
14 x 6 mm IMPORTED TIRE: Imported tire has a 1 e 5 extension capacity.

PRINTED: Made of digital printed material.
BRANDA: MESH tarpaulin with holes is used.

BELTS: It consists of a soft and sturdy waist belt and two integrating parts surrounding the legs. The belts are designed to provide the comfort and confidence of the user. Domestic special production seat belt buckle is used.

STEEL ROPES: All steel ropes in the system are 8 mm and steel is used.


12-STACKING CASTING: The carrying capacity of the castings is between 250 and 700 kg.
14-PIPE LİFTİN : Lİftin special production of our stretching is manufactured in accordance with CE standards. The load capacity is 1250 kg.

PULLEY: Rollers with high load carrying capacity are used and prevents the pulling ropes from being pinched and worn.

MOTORS: Capable of 250-500 kg.

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