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Roofed Trampoline Models


         On the trampoline models, we covered the oval roof in order to reduce the burning effect of the sun and ensure that it works in the heat of the day.


Standard trampoline models can also use roof models.


WEAVING: Weaving is made in the form of the lower top to prevent the opening of the jumping ropes. Bouncing it is made of weaving knitting looms knotless to work it independently of the rope. To ensure the air circulation is intertwined with the eye gap of 6-8 mm.

COLOR: Sunlight resistant paint is used. Painting process of ropes.

BRANDA: It is made of 1100 denier PVC coated material.

SPONGE: 22-28 Made of hard gray sponge. Use of 50-100 cm wide sponge at a height of 10 cm.

SIDE AND TOP PIPES: Side and top frame section offers 40x40 2 mm profile. The product is fully modular insertion system. The main body parts together.

STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Main body 50x100 consists of 2,5 mm profile. The main body of the trampoline is transformed into a material after a modular work has been established.

PIPING FLEET: Made of 42-48 twisted light fiber yarn. Opens light fibrous yarn to improve for endurance and bouncing.




It is made of polypropylene rope which is resistant to sun rays and weather conditions.

KNITTING: Knotless knitting system is manufactured. 3-4 cm eye is produced intermittently. Knotless knitting system page friction

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